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Intellectual outputs

Therapeutic educational activities for ESL inclusiveness. Handbook for teachers.

This will comprise a collection of 79 innovative educational activities dedicated to teachers and educators from primary and secondary schools which need to reduce the risk of drop out for pupils at risk. Those are developed as a mix of therapeutic activities embed into learner centered approach. 

Each activity implemented by partners will be summarized into a video material which will be available here serving as a practical model for those who wants to apply it into the own environment.

As well a handbook describing all proposed activities will be prepared and available here to any interesting party.


E-learning platform and interactive therapeutic educational resources.

The e-learning platform will serve as a communication tools, between relevant schools stakeholders and will host courses dedicated both to teachers and pupils. The courses will embed interactive SCORM based and video resources as well educational games.

The teacher course aim to form digital competencies of professors which will be learned to design and develop on-line educational content.

The pupils course it’s formed by 40 highly interactive and engaging educational resources using digital storytelling, scenario-based learning and digital games aiming to form 3 key competencies: personal, social and learning to learn competence, citizenship competence, cultural awareness and expression competence together with socio-emotional abilities.